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The missing and quartered children of today's ordinary horror world

Monday 18:25:10
March 23 2020

The missing and quartered children of today's ordinary horror world

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Some horror films pierce the screen and here horror becomes part of the everyday, normalized and copied from hundreds of other films and TV shows where creativity is replaced in the name of the God of Money and horror is copied; yes, because for those who manage the screens, the educational factor of the programs does not matter, what matters is the number of spectators, which then equals money. We do not want to argue here that we should go back to the serene comedies of the 50s and 60s but surely those have generated a more balanced and healthy culture, while today what more and more prevails on the screens isn’t just vulgarity but horror and squalor to which we have become increasingly accustomed and to which there is almost no cultural counterweight. This now daily horror causes certain news to pass through the ordinary ... So we know that 5,000 immigrants, all minors, can disappear, but nobody talks about it. For example, the data are those of the Italian Ministry of Labor and Social Policies which, in the "National Report of Unaccompanied Foreign Minors" as at 31 October 2015, reported 5,707 untraceable minors, while in August 2015 there were 5,434. Wondering what happened to these minors is therefore more than legitimate and, given and considered that in Italy a large portion of illegal immigrants from poor countries end up in the prostitution and pornography market, it is conceivable that these missing minors also had, at least in part, the same fate but in juvenile formula: paedophilia and child pornography. But if it wasn’t so, the reason for their disappearance could be another, because horror has no boundaries today. In fact, at the end of 2016 the news of the discovery, in an area on the border between Malaysia and Thailand, of more than seven hundred children found dead killed to extract their organs and put them on the transplant market and this suggests precisely that the 5000 children disappeared in Italy may have suffered a similar fate. It is certain that the UN and national governments should undertake a decisive policy against these criminal organizations, which obviously include clinics with surgeons without ethical and moral sense; however, this policy is simply not there. Now we could talk about the children of Bibbiano in Italy, of ten thousand Rohingya children who disappeared in refugee camps, about the potential illegal immigrants who, not having the money to pay for the boat that transits them illegally in Italy, are quartered alive in Egypt and their organs sold for transplants or those four truck with sixty-eight children in the arms of sixty-eight women who were stopped in 2006 on the border between Burma and Thailand, where the Police discovered that those poor children were used as bags to transport drugs, each of them quartered and then stitched up with a kilo of cocaine in place of the organs. Drugs, slavery, avarice, this is the point that generates abominable behaviour in absolutely ignoble people; Only at a global level and with serious institutions that fulfil the duties for which they were created, will it be possible to return to defeat all this.

Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

Source by Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

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