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OPEN LETTER going to school 620 children could die

Thursday 13:14:23
March 26 2020

OPEN LETTER going to school 620 children could die


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Perth, 26/03/2020

Subject: going to school 620 children could die

On children going to school, let’s see at some simple data:

"3.65 million individual students were enrolled in Australian schools in 2013. Of these, approximately 2.13 million (58.4 per cent) were primary school students, and approximately 1.52 million (41.6 per cent) were secondary school students." ( )

"Coronavirus also affects children, albeit in a minimal percentage. There are 43 positive cases, in Italy, between zero and 9 years, 0.05% of the total." ( )

Keep in mind that Adnkrons gives the percentage as 0.5% and that’s ten times the previous data, that probably changes due to the way it’s calculated. (10/03/2020 s-iss-casi-tra-bambini-anni_peUCY31cXl8AERD4eUJs0O.html?refresh_ce )

"Nearly 2,500 cases have been reported and 34 percent of those infected died." ( 04/03/2020 )

So 0.05% of 3.650.000 students is 1.825, who will probably also infect their families, and 34% of them, according to statistics, will pass away and that is 620.50 so about 620 children could potentially die because Australian politicians decided not to shut schools.

Another data that should be kept in mind is that in Korea 30% of people between 20 and 30 of age resulted positive to coronavirus test but asymptomatic.

Total shut down is what we’ll reach anyway but the undecided attitude on it is going to kill a lot of people.

Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

Source by Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

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