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OPEN LETTER Army, naivness and Coronavirus

Thursday 14:52:03
April 02 2020

OPEN LETTER Army, naivness and Coronavirus

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Matteo Cornelius Sullivan


Perth, 02/04/2020

Subject: Army, naivness and Coronavirus

I think everyone wants to thank the Royal Australian Army for what it is doing in these difficult moments, but seeing them working in a mask factory ("A current affair", Channel 9, 31/03/2020) without gloves and without masks certainly suggests that the sanitary rules in Australia should be revised in every sense and this is the right time to do it. We see every day in food stores and, through television, in the food production chain that preventive contamination measures, and this even before the spread of covid-19, are far below what is expected in an advanced Country, as those who work in that sector should always have protective gloves and hats and in some cases a mask, as required by law in many European countries. Today with this pandemic everyone should wear a mask when they go out.

Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

Source by Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

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